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Without volunteers, our camps would not be possible. Thank you for taking time to fill out this form. Someone will contact you soon! If you have any questions about what some of these positions entail, see position description below. 



This person will be part of the team that is responsible for checking people in, handing out bags, writing name tags and giving out wristbands according to age group. 

Driver/ Runner

This person must be a responsible driver! This person will be in charge of getting the donated food, giving rides to coaches, and picking up ice.

Station Timer

This person will be in charge of keeping the camp running on time. They will notify MC of rotations and will notify drivers of when to leave to pick up food. 

Hydration Station

This person will be responsible for mixing the Powerade mix, refilling water bottles, making sure drinks get to campers only and notifying driver when ice is low. 

Concession Stand

This person will be responsible for running our "limited" concession stand. You will need to take money, give change, and refill food items as needed.

Food Setup

This person will be responsible for getting the tables setup for the donated food to be delivered. We need the setup to run efficiently. 

Setup & Tear Down

This person will help us hang banners, setup chairs, put out equipment, and set up tents. Then we will need help tearing it all down and picking up trash.

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